Two Good Reasons to Set Up Regular Office Cleaning

1) Make a Positive First Impression

When new clients enter your office space, they will immediately form an opinion about you and your business based on first impressions. Don’t make a bad first impression. Make sure your office space is clean and reflects your high standards. Clean floors, spotless bathroom facilities and dust-free waiting areas will say a lot about your business.

2) Reduce Exposure to Germs

Ensure your office looks clean and fresh, not only for clients but for employees too. Your staff will appreciate working in a clean office environment and will likely be more productive as a result. Regular office cleaning will also help remove dirt and germs from hard surfaces that employees come into contact with, reducing the spread of germs and sick days.

What to Consider When Hiring an Office Cleaning Service in Vancouver

When hiring an office cleaning company in Vancouver, look for a company that has a solid reputation and is well established. Make sure the company can handle the cleaning of upholstered office desk chairs, lunchroom chairs and even the sofa in the office lobby or staff lounge. Allergens love making a home in upholstered furniture, but a regular office cleaning regime will help reduce their population and could even potentially provide some relief to those allergic to dust. Make sure that any carpeted areas and area rugs are also a part of the office cleaning routine. A deep carpet cleaning using hot water extraction will remove stains and allergens from deep within carpet fibres, making carpet look like new and the office smell fresh and clean. Last but not least, hire an office cleaning company that uses non-toxic cleaning solutions. Non-toxic cleaning solutions are safe for the environment and safe for people. Everyone – visitors, staff and suppliers – will breathe easier in an office cleaned with environmentally friendly solutions.

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